HCG diet dangers explained

Unlike in the past people are very much conscious about their health. They realized a lot about having fruits as part of their meal, they understood the importance of good rest, they understood the important of having milk, egg and other protein food in the meal on a daily basis. Of course there are people who either by their genetic conditions or by their eating habits are becoming fat day by day. Though the number of cases that suffered with overweight is less in the past, now almost every house has at least one person suffering with the impact of overweight. Each time people approach doctors with certain health issues like the knee pains, low energies or blood pressure the first suggestion they give to such people is to reduce their weight if at all they are found to be overweighing.

Though people have not noticed any major impact on the body because of the overweight it could be because of the stamina that they have developed from childhood. However, eventually the impact of the overweight problem would be soon or later visible to all the people falling into this category. Hence is the reason the authentic hcg drops have been introduced in the market with the intention to help these people reduce their weight. However, the side effects of using the drops should be well understood in advance by the individuals so that they could avoid the situation getting worse by the use of the drops.


It is really important to know the dangers of using the HCG diet and then continue further. The main danger with using HCG is losing the menstrual period which means the unwanted delay of menstrual cycles which would again need lot of attention and medication from the medical department. Also along with this major problem one would also have to face the problem of hair loss which is really troubling those people staying in the city.

There is another major danger that would come with using the drops, which is the swing in mood with no reason. You could see certain people who were very soft and smooth before starting the HCG diet have become quite cranky and also have become nauseous due to which the doctors have suggested to stop using the drops. There are certain other people whom you would have noticed as having no signs of hungry before starting to use the drops but now feeling very hungry that it has become tough for the individuals to sustain the stomach pain they get when they are hungry.

Also one other myth about using the drops is that it would cause the most dangerous situation of the individuals suffering with cancer which is not true at all. One should be shocked to know that there is a link between the cancer and the HCG diet. It is possible that there are people who have earlier suffered with cancer but have got treated with the best medication available in the world. Now with the use of the HCG hormone it could be possible that the pre-existing cancer would become reactive to this hormone. So make sure that you do not have any signs of cancer earlier before you start using the drops.

Research report about HCG drops and its effects

HCG as is known to many of us, who are concern about their weight, is the hormone that is used to help in rapid weight loss with the appropriate diet plan suggested for those using these drops. The research that is conducted on these drops, long back in 1950 by the British endocrinologist, have explained the fact that this hormone has got the specific nature of dissolving the fat in the body. The same has been noticed when the study in conducted on the teens in India who were suffering with the glandular disorder that has resulted in the problem called as obesity which is not in the control once is detected in the humans.

However, the use of the HCG is not much encouraged because of the tight restrictions it has kept on the intake amount of calories which is set to 500 calories per day and not more than that. However, because of the impact it has in burning the fat and reducing the weight it could still be found in many of the doctor’s offices and other health stores that are likely to contain products for shedding the excess fat that is making the individuals look odd.


Also the research conducted on these pharmaceutical hcg drops have showed that it acts as an active ingredient that is helping extreme dilution of the fat in the body. Though many people claim this product to be homeopathic in nature, still the FDA has restricted it because of the counter HCG products that are in market causing some side effects to the people using them. While the counter products do not seem to cause any harm over short term, some significant side effects have been noticed with the use of the HCG diet that has 500 calories diet plan per day.

The other reason why people have been highly suspecting this product is because of the level of HCG hormone that is present in the product. When these details are not known to people how they would stick to a particular dosage. So in certain cases the same amount of drops used by the individuals has resulted in more impact on the weight loss thus causing some other serious problems. Hence, is the reason people are restricted by FDA from using the product without the doctor prescription. This restriction is late relieved on the drops when compared to the injections as the HCG drops are found to be causing bit less number of side effects when compared to the injections.

Injections are found to be causing serious problems in the situations where the individuals don’t know how and where to give these injections and hence resulting some unwanted side effects. As people are getting impacted of taking injections FDA is much concerned about it and hence has restricted the use of the injections only when the prescription is rendered to the individuals from the doctors or fitness experts. Without the prescriptions it becomes difficult for the individuals to get them from the online stores.

Where to buy HCG drops- A question haunting many

It is the latest fashion to have a slim healthy figure. People of all ages have become concerned with their looks and their health. To maintain a well shaped and good figure, people follow crash diets and strict health regime. At the end many get disillusioned and lose focus. Thus, it’s mainly because of the long time consuming procedure of crash diets and health regime that such excessive dieting may also make you anorexic. Hence, the best solution for losing weight is HCG drops.


What is HCG drops?

Now, the most important question which has to be understood and clarified is- what HCG drops is. HCG drops are basically used for losing weight. It can be consumed in two processes. You can either consume it orally as drops or you can inject it straight in your blood. Both of these are effective methods. After that you have to wait and check the results for yourself. The HCG drops were first invented from the body of pregnant women. It was found to secrete a hormone which after research, doctors and scientists found effective for weight loss and fat reduction.

Don’t compromise on product

While buying HCG drops don’t compromise with the quality. You will probably not get your desired result and there are high chances of getting a negative result altogether. There are many advertisements of various weight reduction schemes and gels, used for reducing weight. Avoid them strictly. Also, when purchasing your HCG drop check the ingredients carefully and make sure that it is not in a diluted form since that will not serve the purpose. Normally HCG diet accompanies HCG drops. Being very low calorie diet it is extremely helpful. Where to buy HCG drops from- this seems to be a real confusing question sometimes.

The confusion that most people suffer from is where to get the most authentic HCG drops. Well, there is no more reason for you to worry. There are a lot of companies offering you the opportunity to avail HCG drops. All you have to do is check for the best quality. It is always advisable to do a thorough background check. Do not forget to check with quality. And remember do not forget to check the authenticity of the company you are purchasing your HCG drops from.

Websites offering HGC drops

There are many websites and brands which are offering HGC drops at a good price or with various discounts. You must very importantly do a good research on all the sites and then make your final purchase. If possible do take a doctor’s recommendation and advice before going for any product.

So, now that you know where to buy HCG drops from, what are you waiting for? Get your HCG drops and your desired body weight and shape. You can also avail your HCG drops from your nearby homeopathy store. Move to your nearest store, get the product, and try it for the best results.